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For Administrative members

1.   Recognizing the number of achieved transactions until this date.

2.   Providing a brief explanation about the tasks and responsibilities in each department and section inside the Unit.

3.   Introducing all the employees in the Unit and the way of calling them.

4.   Presenting unit’s activities on the official and social level.


For Employees                                     

1.   The site provides the possibility of inquiring about the financial situation within the University of Jordan budget for the present year for all Deans, Heads of centers, institutes, Units and departments.

2.   The site is considered a guide for workers for all needed  procedures during any financial transaction (lending, salary transfer, salary deduction……).

3.   The site allows the workers to visit the employee portal in order to get the details about the salary.

4.   The site provides the workers with the chance to inquiry about any financial topic through connecting electronically with the responsible of the site.

5.   The site provides the workers with all financial rules, systems and instructions.


For Delegates

1.   The site provides the delegates with all needed  procedures before, after and during traveling.

2.   The delegates can reach the financial affairs unit in any time.


For Companies and Suppliers

1.   The companies and suppliers can inquiry about their financial transactions, disburses and paused invoices and knowing the reason behind pausing these invoices.

2.   The companies and suppliers can call the unit electronically in order to inquiry about any topic.


For Students

The students can check the announcements issued by the financial affairs regarding the tuition fees.



The Financial Affairs Unit is the responsible body of the proper conduct of financial transactions and the collection of universities money whether inside or outside the university or paying the financial obligations, and maintaining the funds according to the university's act and regulations issued there under.


The general goal can be the collection of the university's funds and pay its financial obligation according to UJ's financial regulation No 52 year 1972 and its amendments.



1.   Develop the university fees and salaries programs, and link them more properly with the programs of the Admission and Registration Unit and Human Resources.

2.   Accounting for the classification of assets.

3.   Gradual transformation of the work of the budget and form a regulatory record for the budget.



Administration of the Financial Affairs Unit


Acting Director / Financial Affairs Unit:  Prof. Dr. Mamoun Al-Debi'e.


Deputy Director / Financial Affairs Unit: Mohammad Sa'di Numan Amro


Assistant Director/ Financial Affairs Unit: -------------------


Directors of Departments and their Assistants


Acting Director of Accounts : Salameh Al Khalayleh.

Director of Central Salaries: Ali Shakra

Acting Assistant Director of Audit and Budget Department: Ibtisam Al-Nasser

Acting Assistant Director of Accounting Department:  Jamal Sa'adeh.

Acting Assistant Director of Central Salaries Department: Bakr Al Bdour.


Budget Portal

This portal enables Faculties, Units and centers to inquire about their financial allocations any time.

Companies Portal

This portal enables companies to inquire about their bills by username and password.



In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful


A greeting carries Lord’s peace and blessing, and yet,


Dear visitor, I welcome you to the website of Financial Affairs Unit at the university of Jordan, through which we seek an ongoing interaction with you whether you are sponsored, a student, a staff, an academic or a supplier; interested in the operation of this unit or its service.


It has always been though, by most of the people we deal with, regardless of their educational or cultural level, that this unit has the legal permission to give money. The fact is that all operations carried out by the unit are governed by laws, and regulations in force at the university.


This website may serve to introduce the visitors dealing with the Unit’s governing procedures and limits that govern the transactions at the unit, it may also serve accelerating the process which will save the time required to complete the operation and improve the level of customers' satisfaction and serve the university.


The unit has no direct relation with any of its clientele, the sponsored students are associated with the International Relations Office, students with the Admission Unit, Staff with the Human Resources Department, the academic with his or her faculty or institution or center and the supplier with the Central Tenders Department, Supplies Department, Maintenance or Engineering Department.


Thus, we receive transaction order through these bodies and we do not work with isolation from them and are directly affected by them.


On the other hand, expect us to serve you with professionalism and timely manner, and expect us to tell you about your rights and to deal with you as a worthy member of the University of Jordan family.


In conclusion, we promise to maintain the process of modernizing and development, and to keep an excellent level in providing you with service and to always walk the paths of the Hashemite in the elevation and the progress of our country Jordan, led by his majesty King Abdullah II.



May God's peace be with all of you


Professor Dr. Mamoun Al-Debi'e



The late Mohammed Ali Merei  

2/9/1962 - 31/12/1965


Mr. Samir Amin Habib

1/1/1966 - 11/7/1987
- 27/8/1991


The late Professor. Naim Hosni Khalil


1/9/1991 - 30/6/1992


Dr. Munif Abdul Rahman Hamdan


1/7/1992 - 31/8/1997
- 21/8/2007


Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Halim Arashwd


1/9/1997 - 31/8/2001


Mr. Nizar Saleh Salameh Mryan

22/8/2007 - 4/10/2008



1.   The Financial Affairs Unit conducted more than one hundred thousand financial transaction during the academic year 2010/2011; this figure does not include financial transactions carried out by the banks that deal with the University in regard to university fees.

2.   The Financial Affairs Unit conducted financial transactions (exchange transactions, invoices, etc.) that exceed the total (74,000) seventy-four thousand transactions during the year 2011.

3.   The Financial Affairs Unit organizes accounts of various entities outside the university budget such as; (Jordan Modern High Technology Company (Manaseer), Jordanian Universities Network, the Arab Council for the training of students, Marine Sciences Station, etc.).

4.   Commissioned by the university administration, the staff of the Financial Affairs Unit participates in most committees on the work of the university.

5.   The preparation of financial accounts and budgets Branch University of Jordan in Aqaba.

6.   The Finance Unit to complete the computerization program of the delegates.


Department of centralized payroll


Salaries Division

Responsible for preparing, auditing employees’ salaries, transferring them to the banks and transfer the bursaries of the sponsored students.


End of service division & Social Security & insurances

Handles calculating the end of service for employees, follow up with insurances on the universities assets, insurance of the employees lives, social security and health care for students with their life insurance.


Department of Accounts


Division of Expenses

Process all financial claims on the university while making sure it meets the exchange procedures.

Exchanging outstanding claims of students and graduate students.

Division of Revenue: Handles receiving the tuition fees, housing fees, the model school, restaurants and universities farms; and any other universities’ revenue.


Division of Students Fund

Follow up and collects student loans after the graduation and the wages of employing students and top students grant.



Computer Division

1. Maintenance of accounts receivables (UJ's financial rights).

2. Keeping the bank accounts that the university deals with in all currencies.

3. Print checks.

4. Delivery of checks.

5. Telephone calls bells of staff.



Audit and Central Budget Department

The Budget and Financial Planning Division

prepare statistical data on the estimated budget and prepare a draft budget and final accounts, and follow up the implementation of the budget during the fiscal year, control the University's repeated spending and capital, and the preparation of financial reports on the budget



Audit and Financial Control Division

audit financial documents issued by all the divisions at the unit and watch revenue of the University, and follow all the guarantees for Central Tenders and Sub tenders at the university, and audit the funds, and perform the sudden audit on holders of sub books and make sure they supply the amounts received to the general fund, and audit and inventory amounts of university fees.


Costs Division

prepare the accounts of the centers and production units such as the center of consultation, restaurants, university press and the Agricultural Research Station and the Marine Sciences Station and others, and the preparation of annual financial reports of the work of these centers and production units.


Division of the external collection

follows-up and collect revenue from various university fees and rents, and carry out mortgage operations at the Department of Lands and Survey regarding the university sponsored students.