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The Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit is considered as an open window to UJ's staff, students and outside community, including educational institutions, Ministries, various unions, political parties and civil society institutions.

At the beginning of 1973, a special section for public and cultural relations was established at the University of Jordan in order to collect information about the university and inform the public in order to remain up to date with various activities and events.

The Directorate of Cultural and Public Relations which was established in 1974 was divided into two independent units: public relations unit and cultural relations until 1984, then it re-merged back into one department called the Department of Cultural and public Relations. 

In 2008 the name of Cultural and Public Relations Department was changed into Media and Public Relations Unit. However, after adding the cultural department in 2010 the Cultural and Public Relations department was expanded to become Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit.

On 13/12/2011 Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit has been divided into two departments: Public and cultural Relations Department and Media Department  in order to reduce the vertical concentration and distribute the tasks and specializations more effectively.