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 Media Department

The Media Department covers all events happened at the university through follow-up, monitor and document all these activities and events by audio and visual methods then provide mass media with an edited news that includes the events and activities happened at the university in addition to issuing monthly magazine that includes the most important events happened at the university.  

A new UJ's news center Website will be launched soon in order to deepen the communication with various segments of society as well as a new corners for students, parents and UJ's staff will be added to shed light on their issues and contribute to resolve them.

In addition, a magazine entitled(UJ gallery) will be issued to introduce the main activities in the university. Also, The unit will launch soon a new magazine for children that communicates with the Jordanian child in simple language.

Moreover, The Media Department issues the following:

-brochures about various faculties at the University.

- The year book.

- The phone book.

- Facts and Figures Book

UJ's Radio Station was established in order to contribute in developing media in Jordan and to focus on youth activities. However, UJ's Radio Station has been developed through new and comprehensive programs for the Jordanian society in order to promote activities and broadcast awareness messages. 


The Department seeks to develop the work of Visual Media Division to broadcast live programs on Internet for the most important activities at the university so as to be a nucleus for an educational channel that will be established in the future.