The University of Jordan :: Amman :: Jordan  
  Our Vision 

To Manage society in order to make UJ one of globally ranked universities by 2018.

  Our Golas 

1. Graduating outstanding students who can excel in public competitions, job markets and postgraduate programs, in light of pluralism and the change of environmental and technological requirements.

2. Excel in the academic and institutional side at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

3. Promoting the spirit of loyalty and pride amongst faculty members, administrative staff, students and alumni.

4. Readiness for accountability by higher education officials for the provision of quality in its programs, services and procedures as well as its commitment to the laws and regulations.

5. Providing safe, healthy and stable environment that encourages UJ's administrative, faculty members and students to learn, create and excel.

6. Excelling  in research production and postgraduate programs in a way that serves local, regional and global communities in addition to developing the educational process.

7. Perfectly invest available human and material resources in order to serve the educational process and achieve its vision and mission.

8. The development of the structure of UJ's programs, academic and administrative units to contribute to overcoming slack management, wasting of financial resources and increasing costs rather than achieving quality and development of its operations and outputs.

9. Strengthening ties with the local community, Arab and regional educational institutions and bodies.

10. Improving the effectiveness of faculty members at UJ to strengthen the learning process amongst students, boosting their personal, social, academic and technological abilities.


  Our Mission 

To become a pioneer university amongst globally ranked ones by providing students with outstanding teaching and learning experience, adopting research programs; to produce theoretical and applied knowledge and spread it, contributing effectively to building lifelong learning culture and improving the quality of life at local, regional and global levels.