About the Community Service Office

The University of Jordan is unique in its high potential and high competence from the administrative, academic, research and community service aspects. To utilize this uniqueness in community service Jordan University is one of the first universities that established a community service office in 1999, to operate in accordance with the University’s philosophy, that the University is a vital part of its community and that is represented by its competent faculty members, students, it is also responsible for communication and cooperating with its community through voluntary work and providing unique and quality service to the different governmental and nongovernmental sectors in the community.


The office aims to foster the sense of teamwork, citizenship, cooperation, and effective collaboration. As well through this office the spirit of volunteerism and cooperation with NGOs was fostered and more organized and sustainable. This office manages most voluntary activities on and off-campus, and thinks of and initiates ideas to this effect. Since its establishment, it has been expected of all student population to volunteer hours on and off-campus at all kinds of institutions. In addition, the office holds, in cooperation with NGOs (several UN agencies, the Red Crescent Society, and several local and provincial NGOs), as well as with governmental bodies, training courses for students in a variety of realms and spheres: democracy building, elections, communication skills, women's rights, children's rights, poverty alleviation, landmines, water conservation, domestic violence, raising awareness towards Aids prevention among the population especially youth and so on.


The experience the office offers to the students as well as the services it renders to civil society is immense in their outcome and implication.


To utilize this uniqueness, the University of Jordan was one of the first Universities that established Community service Office in 1999 / 2000, by the President of the University of Jordan decision no. (13/2/1/12337), as per the Dean’s Council’s Decision No. (223/99). Dated Sep. 12, 1999, to overseeing and supervision Community service office programs implementation, and coordinate collaboration activities of the different institutions and organizations in the community. Further, new amending regulations for University Community Service Office issued by the President of University decision No. (7/1/51/14372) (Dated Oct 11, 1999).


About Us


At present, the Community Service Office is run by a director (Dr. Salah Al-Lawzi ), a secretary and an office boy. The University is in the process of appointing additional employees to support the activities of the office.


The office is overseeing the community service programs and all students should perform the activities under the supervision of the office as groups or individuals.

About the Community Service Office