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Campus Life

The University of Jordan prides itself on the beauty of its campus. Nestled on a spacious area of (1,200) dunums,

the landscape is composed, almost evenly, of flat ground and mild slopes covered abundantly with ever-green pines

and elms, in addition to some olive and other trees. The University vicinity, situated in the heart of part of what is known

as the Eastern Heights enjoys (like other hilly areas in the Kingdom) a special climate --breezy and cool for most summer

 days, and rainy in the Winter time with many spectacular sunny days. In some winters, snow falls, lasting enough for children

 (and adults) to build a firm snowman, wrestle, and throw hard snow-balls at each other. There are also some beautiful foggy

days in Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Dew is to be experienced in the morning all-year round. Spring time is breathtaking

(as in the rest of the country) when wild flowers of all kinds of exotic colors and almond, plum, and apricot trees blossom.

 The wind is westerly moderate for most of the year, and the air is fresh and clean.


The campus is semi-rectangular in shape. At its center lie most of the services and the facilities which cater to the needs of

students and the University community at large, such as the Deanship of Student Affairs, the banks, the restaurants, the cafeterias

, the post-office, the sport facilities and playgrounds, the Main Library, the Consumer Cooperative Society, and the bookshop. There

is also a square on which students gather in groups to relax, socialize, and debate issues. In the south-western part of campus, the

scientific faculties (Science, Medicine, Nursing, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, King Abdullah II School for Information

Technology, Dentistry and rehabilitation sciences) in addition to one Humanity Faculty; the Faculty of Arts and Design, the Hospital are

 located; the north-western part of the campus is occupied by the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of

Business, the Faculty of Shari’a (Islamic Studies), the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of International

Studies in addition to the Campus Mosque. The north-eastern part of the campus accommodates female students hostels and faculty

housing, in addition to the University Model School. Most buildings are constructed of white stone; some are constructed of firm concrete.

The Main Library is all brown marble.


The campus is located in the north-western outskirts of Amman. Jubaiha, the surrounding vicinity, is one of the more fashionable suburbs

 of the capital. It lies within easy reach from all parts of the city. It is about 10 kilometers from the downtown area and 20 from the farthest

 suburb. It is connected to all parts of the capital (and to many major cities) through an excellent bus system. Alternately, one can take a

 service car or a taxi. There are many excellent coffee shops, restaurants (fast-food as well as cuisines), barbershops, vegetable shops,

supermarkets, bookstores, pharmacies, bakeries, banks, Internet Cafés, etc. within walking distance.