A Welcome from the President

Professor Musa Al-Lozi


I welcome you to The University of Jordan-Aqaba Branch, congratulating you for choosing to study at the Jordan’s oldest and largest university, the mother of the Jordanian universities,the finest in Jordan as well as in the Arab World, and which is always wanted to be a world-class research university and a rich source of knowledge for innovation. I would also like to appreciate your concern in our young university, which has always been developing since His Majesty King Abdullah the Second laid its cornerstone in 2009 to accomplish a significant number of achievements in the city of Aqaba, and which has also become a basic investment promotion tool in Aqaba Special Economic Zone. 

No one can deny that the success of a nation in achieving development, prosperity and social welfare depends largely on the investment in the education and moral system, and also on the support of the educational institutions, because of their vital role in the learning process as well as in preparing a qualified and well-trained generation who has a national sense to build the society and protect its achievements and development, which of course comes in accordance with Allah's saying in the Holy Quran "Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know ".

Today, The University of Jordan in Aqaba has established a true partnership with all official and social parties, and also with the economic and investment activities in Aqaba. It has also been strongly involved to prove itself as an affective center for development and investment, throughout finding an appropriate educational environment which has put its fingerprints in every corner of the society, and by its own faculties and academic departments which are in turn considered a base to enhance the role of The University of Jordan in Aqaba to achieve its message, vision and goals.

The University of Jordan looks forward to a city with an integrated university that offers specializations based on the needs of the labor market, whether locally or internationally, to enhance both the education and tourism sectors. Moreover, the presence of university in the territory of Aqaba city is considered an added value since the city is one of the most important parts of the so-called The Golden Tourism Triangle (Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba). The university also has all resources necessary for the success of such a city.

The University of Jordan in Aqaba recognizes its mission and role which are derived from the royal vision that has always sought and still seek to invest in Jordanian people by providing them the knowledge that enables them to invest in the current accelerated growth in a way that positively impacts their lives and also in a way that pushes forward the development process.

Finally, I wish all the success and prosperity for our employees and students in the university, which of course requires bearing the responsibility for the development and investment, in spite of some financial crises which we were able to get over, by God’s grace, due to the constant support from the concerned parties. We will also stay committed to the royal vision for The University of Jordan in Aqaba to become a source of pride to both Jordanian and as Arab universities.​ 

​ ​​​

A Welcome from the President