An Educational lecture on Drugs at the University of Jordan - Aqaba

Aqaba - In the framework of its development mission and in support of efforts to combat drugs and reduce their effects on the individual and society, the University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch, in cooperation with the Governorate Police Directorate / Community Police, organized an educational lecture on the scourge of drugs, their side effects, and penalties for drug abuse and trafficking.


The head of the Aqaba Drugs Department, Major Adeeb Al-Amayreh, spoke in the lecture that was held in the main auditorium of the university, in the presence of a representative of the university president, Professor Dr. Mu’ad Abu Alfaraj, and the head of the community police branch / Public Security radio representative, Captain Ahmed Al-Abbas, and a large number of students, about the nature of drugs, their types, and their harm to the user, his family, and society as a whole. Its types and effects on the drug user, his family and society as a whole.

Al-Amayreh also referred to the reasons of the spread of drugs. These reasons included; bad companions, weak religious faith, family disintegration, and the negative use of social media and others. Thus, he focused on the necessity of more efforts to combat this scourge that threatens society. This can happen through partnership with the various state institutions, and focusing on the role of the family in controlling its members, pointing out to the primary role in spreading awareness through the educational institutions and universities.

Al-Amayreh referred to the role of the Drug Control Department in combating this dangerous scourge, through prevention and control, referring to the role of the Addiction Treatment Center in rehabilitating drug users as good members of society.


At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place focusing on the shared responsibility in combating drugs and the means of legal dealing with drug abuse cases.