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·        In order to achieve the managerial development, a new organizational structure has been established. In addition,  specialized courses have been given to the staff, in coordination with the center for consultation in order to develop their performance.


·     Technically, it has been planning for many projects aiming to increase the interaction with local and external communities, introduce UJ’s activities and achievements, in addition to spread cultural awareness through.


·        Launching a new Website in order to make it more interactive, the new one will include corners for students, academic and administrative staff as well as parents to shed light on their issues and contribute to resolve them and deepen the communication with various segments of society, in conjunction with broadcasting live programs.


·        Working on the first edition of UJ gallery which will introduce UJ’s activities by presenting many photos.


·        Issuing a new magazine for boys (13-18 years).


·        Issuing an annual magazine in both Arabic and English languages, highlighting the most important facts and figures relating to the university, called UJ Profile.


·      Developing UJ’s news magazine in terms of form and content in order to be issued semi-monthly.


·      Launching a website for UJ’s Radio Station.