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Student clubs


The Student clubs are considered to be the backbone of student activities, due to its contribution in public policy-making as well as cultural, artistic, voluntary and healthy extracurricular activities through administrative bodies for the student clubs that elected in the second half of October by the members of the general authority. Their number is seven, where the number of these clubs is twenty-nine clubs. And they work to detect talented students and refinement their personality on creativity in the field of volunteerism. As well as organizing and coordinating trips for students.


Public Service Club


The roles of this club are setting up celebrations, graduation, conferences and public exhibitions at the deanship of student affairs.


Cultural Club


The Cultural club held a number of courses for the  academic year 2011/2011, where the fees are cheap and suitable for students. some of lecturers of these courses are volunteers students.


Internet and Computer Club  


This club offering engineering, computer and IT during the holiday between the two semesters. The number of students attending these courses exceeded seven hundred students. 


Red Crescent Club


The Red Crescent club offering several sessions during the holiday between the two semesters. These courses are given by students for cheap fees and they are :

a. measurement of vital signs.

b. effective communication.

c. emotional intelligence.

d. First aid.

e. how do we deal with difficult personalities. 


Arts Club


The arts club gave courses for the academic year 2010/2011 for cheap fees for students and some of these courses are:


a. Oud course.

b. guitar course.


Languages Club

Languages club held several sessions between the first, second and summer semesters at ten JD. The number of  benefited students is 500 students.


The sessions are


1. English conversation for beginner-English conversation for advanced.

2. French language.

3. Spanish language.

4. Italian language.

5. German language. 

6. TOFEL preparation.


Technology Club


This club offers several engineering, computer and IT sessions between the two semesters. The number of these courses is 30 for about 700 students.




  • Awareness & Health Care Club


  • Mind & Human Rights Club


  • Chess Club
  • Police & Traffic Awareness Friends Club
  • Blood Bank Friends
  • Postgraduate Studies Club


  • Scout Rangers Club


  • Students with Special Needs Club
  • Jordanian Folklore Friends Club


  • Friendship & Peace Club


  • Protection of Nature Club


  • Cinema & Theater Club


  • Astronomy Club


  • Press & media Club


  • Industrial Engineers Club


  • Sports & Health Club


  • Population & Development Club
  • Employing Students Club


  • Energy Club
  • The library Friends Club


  • Public Speaking Club
  • knights of Changing Club