The Computer Center was established at the University of Jordan by a Royal Decree in (1976). It was outfitted with devices, servers and software necessary for the work of the Center and the service of colleges, units and centers of the University, in addition to the local community.

The Center consists of four main departments:

Systems and Development Department

Infrastructure and Networks Department

Security and Quality Assurance Department


Labs and Technical Support Department



Systems and Development Department

Designs and develops programs for different administrative systems at the University, such as the registration system, human resources system and different financial systems.

Also, the Department works to develop the University Website and affiliated websites, such as the faculties' and centers' websites and the faculty members' websites, in addition to the establishment of portals for staff, students, scholarship sources and companies.

Moreover, the Department follows up readymade systems purchased by the University, such as the Archiving System, Diwan System and the Plagiarism Detection System.

Infrastructure and Networks Department

Provides servers in accordance with the latest international standards and runs them within a modern operating environment to ensure the continuity of work, oversees data backup operations and supervises databases of different administrative systems.

Furthermore, the Department provides wired and wireless networks services, Internet services and the necessary protection so as to ensure the safe use of systems and applications from inside and outside the University, and offers e-mail services for students and members of the academic and administrative bodies.

Security and Quality Assurance Department


This Department was introduced in the latest organizational structure that was adopted by the Deans' Council on October 15, 2012, and works to recognize goals, formulate procedures, identify policies and prepare the necessary forms, so as to achieve internationally recognized standards and quality certifications.

Protects policies and monitors the university administrative systems, databases and networks.

Labs and Technical Support Department

Provides technical support and maintenance services for personal computers used by academic and administrative staff, and students at the University.

Moreover, the Department Provides the necessary computer labs to serve students, works on updating them to keep pace with the latest requirements - nearly 2500 devices are allocated for student use- and oversees audio-visual communication service (Video Conferencing) facilities.





The Computer Center seeks to be a local and regional reference, and a model for the provision and development of information technology services that contribute to the support of operations related to educational, research and administrative affairs.




To develop and provide the best services and electronic systems with high quality, in a secure and reliable environment, to achieve success in the educational process, research and administration, using the latest information technology and infrastructure, to meet the needs of all participants in the march of the University, serve the community and achieve quality standards to improve the rank of the University globally.




1. To provide computer services to university students through the provision of hardware, software and various operating tools.
2. To provide computer services for researchers at the University by providing the necessary hardware, software and usage training, in support of scientific research and graduate studies.
3. To provide computer services related to the introduction of IT in the administrative procedures at the university colleges, centers and departments.
4. To provide training opportunities on uses and applications of computers for individuals inside and outside the University in accordance with instructions set by the Board of the Center.
5. To provide consultation and computer services for public and private institutions, and to organize, manage, implement and follow-up these services in exchange for fees determined by the President upon the recommendation of the Board and without interrupting the technical work and studies of the Center.