The Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit is considered as an open window to UJ's staff, students and outside community, including educational institutions, Ministries, various unions, political parties and civil society institutions.

At the beginning of 1973, a special section for public and cultural relations was established at the University of Jordan in order to collect information about the university and inform the public in order to remain up to date with various activities and events.

The Directorate of Cultural and Public Relations which was established in 1974 was divided into two independent units: public relations unit and cultural relations until 1984, then it re-merged back into one department called the Department of Cultural and public Relations. 

In 2008 the name of Cultural and Public Relations Department was changed into Media and Public Relations Unit. However, after adding the cultural department in 2010 the Cultural and Public Relations department was expanded to become Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit.

On 13/12/2011 Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit has been divided into two departments: Public and cultural Relations Department and Media Department  in order to reduce the vertical concentration and distribute the tasks and specializations more effectively.


Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit works as the five senses for UJ, it seeks to be an effective communication tool between the university and local, regional and international communities, transfer UJ's culture and values ​​to the surrounding community, inform the community about the academic and non-academic activities in addition to organize various events hosted by the University such as conferences, seminars, committees and workshops in order to cover them professionally. 

The unit supervises on preparing and broadcasting programs on UJ's Radio Station which has a significant role in transferring UJ's mission to the community, linking creative people inside campus with creators abroad and exporting the significant science and culture throughout the world.


Also, the unit oversees UJ News Center Website which is considered as an important resource for news and activities inside the university. In addition, it is responsible for issuing a number of publications which develop culture and thought in addition to contribute to the rise and progress of knowledge, awareness as well as artistic and cultural creativity.

Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit seeks to receive new creative ideas and feedback about the performance of its employees so as don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions that you may have.


Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit organizes, coordinates and follows-up comprehensive programs inside or outside the unit. It also keens to follow-up activities, prepare a strategic plan for programs and events as well as cover these activities and events to highlight and promote them in various audio, visual and printed methods.


1.Providing the Jordanian community with all new events and news that happened at UJ and higher education through UJ's News Center Website and UJ's Radio Station.

2. Preparing press reports about the university of Jordan and higher education News that are related to scientific research and student affairs in addition to covering all special occasions such as conferences, seminars, workshops, agreements, memoranda of understanding, sports and delegations that happened at UJ through special reports made by public relation staff that are published on newspapers and UJ's News Centre Website.

3. Preparing news about future events to publish it in newspapers and websites in addition to UJ's news center website.


4.Editing research, studies and doctoral theses in order to publish them in newspapers and websites in addition to UJ's news center website.

5. Writing news about new versions of scientific journals or magazines or cultural books published by the University or any other followed institutions in order to publish them in local newspapers and websites in addition UJ's news center website.

6. Preparing television programs about the events taking place at UJ in cooperation with photography Department in order to publish them on UJ's news center website.

7. Preparing electronic photographs about events taking place at UJ in cooperation with photography Department in order to publish them on UJ's news center website.



8. Preparing announcements and publishing them in local newspapers and websites in addition to UJ's news center website.

9. Preparing congratulation and condolences texts to UJ's staff in order to publish them on UJ's news center website.


10. Coordinating with media representatives such as newspapers, satellite channels, magazines and radio stations in the events taking place at The University of Jordan.

11. Accompanying press and media delegations and supervising their work.

12. Preparing for press conferences held by the University of Jordan.

13. Preparing for the major events taking place in the university through establishing equipped media centers.

14. Supervising on television and photographic programs about UJ's activities and participating in the preparation of scenarios and albums.

15. Conducting polls about certain issues through UJ's News Center Website in order to write reports and publish them in local newspapers and websites.


16. Communicating with media and answering their questions or sending them to the concerned authorities.

17. Connecting the University of Jordan with internal and external communities .


Mr. Muhammad Saleh Abd EL A'ati (1970)

Mr. Muhammad Ali Ma'ari (1971-1973)

Dr. Omar Isme'l AL Khateeb (1974)

Dr. Muhammad Khar Mamser (1974-1975)

Mr. Farooq Badran (1976-1979)

Dr. Safwan EL Tal (1979-1980)

Mr. Farooq Jarar(1980-1981)

Mr. Fayez AL Rabe'a (1981-1983)

Dr. Abdullah AL Zoubi (1983-1984)

Mr. Waleed AL Mourah Li and Mr. Abdullah AL Hindawi (1984-1986)

Mr. Ahmed AL Taweel (1986-1987)

Dr. Fawaz Twqan (1987)

Mr. Muhammad AL Hiary (1988-1989)

Ms. Laila Erfan (1989-2008)

Mr. Kamal Freij (2008-2010)

Dr. Muhannad Mobideen (2010-2011)

Dr. Rula AL Hroob, The Director of Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit Now


The Media Department covers all events happened at the university through follow-up, monitor and document all these activities and events by audio and visual methods then provide mass media with an edited news that includes the events and activities happened at the university in addition to issuing monthly magazine that includes the most important events happened at the university.  

A new UJ's news center Website will be launched soon in order to deepen the communication with various segments of society as well as a new corners for students, parents and UJ's staff will be added to shed light on their issues and contribute to resolve them.

In addition, a magazine entitled(UJ gallery) will be issued to introduce the main activities in the university. Also, The unit will launch soon a new magazine for children that communicates with the Jordanian child in simple language.

Moreover, The Media Department issues the following:

-brochures about various faculties at the University.

- The year book.

- The phone book.

- Facts and Figures Book

UJ's Radio Station was established in order to contribute in developing media in Jordan and to focus on youth activities. However, UJ's Radio Station has been developed through new and comprehensive programs for the Jordanian society in order to promote activities and broadcast awareness messages. 


The Department seeks to develop the work of Visual Media Division to broadcast live programs on Internet for the most important activities at the university so as to be a nucleus for an educational channel that will be established in the future.



Public and Cultural Relations Department arranges and coordinates all UJ's activities such as conferences, seminars, meetings and exhibitions through preparing official invitations, booking auditorium, providing the necessary foods and drinks in coordination with restaurants Department, providing flowers, gifts, shields and posters, receiving guests and their companions, arranging their arriving and leaving procedures including booking for tickets, hotels and transportations, coordinating the entrance of guests with UJ's securities, participating in the graduation ceremony, issuing Yearbooks as well as preparing greeting cards of various events and ceremonies in the name of UJ's President.

Public and Cultural Relations Department seeks to achieve UJ's mission and contribute in the cultural mobility through holding seminars, lectures, conferences and building bridges of cooperation and communication with UJ's staff, experts and specialists in cultural affairs.



Public and Cultural Relations Department activities



Preparing and organizing conferences

The Unit participates in preparing and organizing cultural conferences such as The Seventh Cultural Conference entitled "customs, traditions and celebrating rituals in Jordanian Culture" in order to promote UJ's role in the cultural affairs.


Holding Seminars, lectures and cultural events

Many seminars and lectures that support cultural activity and intellectual production are held weekly in where many readers and intellectuals from inside and outside the university discuss a book with its author in order to build a relationship with the cultural scene outside the university.



Social Networks

The unit has a significant role in expanding the participation scope, communicating with every concerned in cultural affairs by all available means and promoting cultural programs through Creating a page on Facebook that
includes 5000 members.


Issuing brochures, magazines and publications

The unit issues "Aqlam magazine "that is issued monthly and the cultural magazine that is published every semester, this magazine deals with new literature and creative youth who express their ideas, aspirations, feelings and visions in poetry, stories, plays and articles.

Also, the unit participated in honoring national, Arab and international figures who have finger prints and achievements in various scientific fields so as an honorary doctorate degree was granted to HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein in Nursing, an honorary doctorate degree in Arts was granted to the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail in addition to granting an honorary doctorate degree in diplomacy and international relations to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed.


Promoting the university

The new structure of the unit includes creating Marketing and Communication Division in order to develop a strategic plan to attract communities to support UJ's activities in addition to attract different companies to make advertising in UJ's Radio Station in order to reduce expending load and provide an opportunity for the community to support UJ's academic and non academic activities.



·        In order to achieve the managerial development, a new organizational structure has been established. In addition,  specialized courses have been given to the staff, in coordination with the center for consultation in order to develop their performance.


·     Technically, it has been planning for many projects aiming to increase the interaction with local and external communities, introduce UJ’s activities and achievements, in addition to spread cultural awareness through.


·        Launching a new Website in order to make it more interactive, the new one will include corners for students, academic and administrative staff as well as parents to shed light on their issues and contribute to resolve them and deepen the communication with various segments of society, in conjunction with broadcasting live programs.


·        Working on the first edition of UJ gallery which will introduce UJ’s activities by presenting many photos.


·        Issuing a new magazine for boys (13-18 years).


·        Issuing an annual magazine in both Arabic and English languages, highlighting the most important facts and figures relating to the university, called UJ Profile.


·      Developing UJ’s news magazine in terms of form and content in order to be issued semi-monthly.


·      Launching a website for UJ’s Radio Station.