An overview about the Department of Human Resources and the message from the director

At the beginning of 1967 the Department of Administrative affairs was launched as a part of the General Secretariat , it was responsible for the following tasks which are also the tasks of Human Resources Department now:


A – Saving the files of faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers and administrative staff.

B – Organizing the functional affairs of faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers and administrative staff, presenting and answering them from the officials according to regulations and laws.  

C – Holding examination for applicants and following-up appointment.

D – Organizing job contracts for UJ staff and the delegates in academic or scientific missions.

E – Preparing annual staff reports, organizing and monitoring annual and sick leave in addition to issuing identity cards.


In 1977 Mr. Mohamed Ali Mere'i was appointed as the Director of Personnel division (the Director of Administrative affairs), which was included 3 divisions until 1995:

A - Faculty members and missions Division.
B – Personnel Division.
C – Records Division which has two branches.

- Personnel Services Branch was responsible for: following-up foreign residences and health insurance, issuing university identities, car permits and consumer institution cards.


- A special branch of social security and life insurance was managed by an employee from Social Security Corporation.


The Division of Information Systems and Administrative Services which was known as the Division of Administrative Services and computer was established in 1995.

The Division of data and documentation and the Division of delegation, which has been transferred to International Relations Department in 2008 were established in 2003.

The Division of Training and Development was established in 2008.

Human Resources Department aims to create highly qualified and effective work force in order to achieve the integration strategy of the University in accordance with its mission.

Human Resources Department is one of the most important elements of the production process so as qualified staff who are capable of outstanding performance and contribution must be provided.


The department provides UJ with administrative and professional staff in which faculty members and UJ's staff divisions implement the appointing decisions for academic and administrative staff ,follow up their work affairs such as annual leave while the Division of Information Systems and administrative services computerize the works of the department , implement all computerized decisions in order to send them to the financial Affairs unit, provide the employees with administrative services, issue personal identities, life insurance and social security in addition to prepare related reports and statistics to the faculty and administrative staff.


The Division of Documentation and data save and document related information to UJ's workers by using modern scientific methods.


The Division of Training and Development survey the training needs and hold training courses for workers in addition to write job descriptions in the university.


An overview of the department's services



The importance of human resources comes through providing UJ with high qualified staff who are capable of giving an excellent performance.


The objectives and tasks of Human Resources Department



1 – The head of Bureau is responsible for controlling the administrative affairs , organizing all internal and external correspondences and saving them in private files.


2 – Organizing faculty members affairs, presenting them to the officials in order to answer them according to regulations and laws in addition to saving them after taking the appropriate action.


3- Holding examinations for applicants and following-up the appointment.


4 – Organizing job contract for UJ staff and the delegates in academic or scientific missions.


5 - Preparing annual reports for the personnel, organizing and monitoring annual and sick leave in addition to issuing identity cards.


6 – Announcing job vacancies at the University and completing the  appointment procedures.


7 - Creating a balance by distributing manpower in the university.


8 - Preparing the formation agenda through monitoring the actual need of the University and putting the future strategies of development.


9 - Investing in people through rehabilitating and training them in addition to raising their production efficiency in order to get job satisfaction.


10 - Following-up and completing all works of the foreign faculty staff such as issuing work permits, completing security approval with the concerned authorities such as the Civil Service Bureau.


11 - Implementing and issuing required statistics and reports from internal and external entities such as (the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, General Statistics Department, Audit Bureau and Social Security Corporation).


12 –Accomplishing and following up affairs relating to social security regulations by sending the list of staff who end their services through private computer system.


13 - Contributing in the organizational structure and developing it in addition to writing job descriptions for new job titles.


14 – Conducting evaluation forms annually and updating these forms continuously.


15 - Addressing the basic data of academic and administrative staff such as promotions, transfers, workplace and job title changes, the annual bounce, changing the appointing type, Ending services and updating social status.


The vision and mission of the Department




To provide qualified human resources, maintain the quality of provided services and achieve an excellent performance.




To achieve UJ's vision through providing the university with qualified human resources and promoting the excellence concept.



The organizational structure


Human Resources Department consists of (5) Divisions:


- Personnel Division: This division is responsible for the following tasks: Providing the university with human resources, preparing formations and functions lists, studying UJ's need of manpower, following-up the Functional affairs such as promotion, transfer and leaves.


- Information Systems and Administrative Services Division: This division is responsible for the  following tasks: implementing all decisions issued by Human Resources Department and UJ's presidency by computer before sending them to financial affairs unit as well as providing the administrative and academic staff with administrative, technical and financial services through especial computer system.


- Faculty members Division: This division is responsible for the  following tasks: dealing with faculty members affairs and implementing appointment and promotion decisions as well as all  administrative and financial affairs. 

- Training and Development Division: This Division was established in 2009 in order to keep pace with modern developments and changes in addition to follow-up educational affairs of administrative staff.


- Documentation and data Division: This division is responsible for the  following tasks: saving and classifying the files of all employees in order to facilitate searching process through especial computer system.


Organizational Structure


1.   The Director of the Unit

2.   The Secretary

3.   The assistant Director

4.   The Bureau

5.   Personnel Division

6.   Faculty members Division

7.   Information Systems and Administrative Services Division

8.   Training and Development Division

9.   Documentation and data Division



Previous Directors






Mr. Musa Qahoosh



Mr. Muhammad Darweesh



Mrs. Khwlah AL Saket



Dr. Jareer AL Hussein



Mr. Abd AL Hakeem Akho Arshedeih



Dr. Abd EL Lateef Abu Dlhoom



Mrs. Amneih AL Sheshani







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