The registration for the international Hult Prize for the University of Jordan students / Aqaba

In cooperation with Hult Prize foundation, the department of students’ services and activities lunched an induction meeting to talk about the next year’s edition of the annual Hult Prize competition, which is based on mobilizing the university student’s ideas on a pressing global issue, as well as taking about the stages and the conditions of the prize.

Furthermore , the President of the University of Jordan / Aqaba , Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Abbasi,  has valued the importance of this meeting and   achievement, which reflects the university's continuous pursuit to fulfilment the privilege  and the creativity for its students academically in the  fields as  pioneering and volunteer activities in order  to represent  the university  and strengthen  its standing  among universities locally and globally.

 The meeting attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitability Dr. Ayman Harb who addressed the challenges faced by the clothing and fashion industry and its impact on the environment and individuals. Dr. Harb spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship and its objectives and the impact of students engaging in entrepreneurial projects, noting that the registration of students wishing to participate in the competition   until Tuesday 22/11/2023.

The Halt Prize Foundation is an international foundation founded in 2009, with the aim of enhancing the community entrepreneurship skills of university students from around the world. Every year, the Foundation launches a challenge that addresses a global societal problem based on sustainable development goals. University students from all over the world are targeted for the belief in young people's energy and ability to come up with creative ideas capable of addressing these goals.

The Halt Prize competition consists of several stages: the local stage, which is the first stage of the program, where students  compete among themselves, by presenting the ideas of the entrepreneurial projects and judging them by specialized experts.

The second stage is the regional stage, when the winning teams of students qualify at the local stage to compete at the regional level, where winners from all over the world gather to compete again, and present their thoughts to  a panel of judges competent in several areas, as the qualifiers move from this stage to the penultimate stage and accelerate the business.

The accelerator phase comes after the selection of the best  entrepreneurship projects from around the world, where the development and support of ideas begins through a number of training courses and consultations by the best trainers and guides around the world.

The last stage is the finals stage when the best six projects from the accelerator stage are invited to participate in the final event at which the last competition is made to choose the best entrepreneurial projects, which receives a prize of one million dollar to finance and launch the project.