Welcome from the President

Dear Students,  

It is my pleasure to address you with the sincerest and warmest feelings to convey to you my best wishes for success while you are studying at the University of Jordan, which historically has always been the mother of all Jordanian universities and will remain so in the future. From this dear podium and this forum, I express to you my deep joy and happiness at being selected as President of the University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch. Together, faculty and students, we shall start a new stage in which we achieve the objectives we seek for our institution. The University of Jordan in Aqaba was founded in September 2009 in response to the insightful vision and Royal Decree of His Majesty King Abdullah II with the aim of transforming the Aqaba Special Economic Zone into an outstanding regional and international center of investment and tourism. 

We will work together towards achieving this royal vision for our university which was founded as a royal gift from His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, to his people in the southern region and in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. His Majesty the King laid the foundation stone of the University of Jordan's Aqaba Branch in 2009 and thus announcing the starting point for a new stage of local community development. His Majesty's conviction is that universities are one of the most important foundations of civilization and development, the source of advancement for countries aspiring to keep up with the accelerated pace of science and technology and to contribute to the progress of humanity. 

Since that year, the university of Jordan in Aqaba, despite its limited financial capabilities, has been moving progressively to overcome the challenges and difficulties resulting from this financial deficit. Despite such challenges, the University of Jordan in Aqaba has for many years been able to achieve a high level of academic competence and progress at various levels. Nowadays, it has become a center of education excellence in the local community of Aqaba and has even become an academic destination for students from all over the kingdom.  

Additionally, through the laborious efforts of faculty members in its various schools, the University of Jordan's Aqaba Branch, was able to provide students with excellent education. To achieve its primary goal of becoming a center of education excellence, the university recruited highly qualified professors, established laboratories, and continually caters for students' academic activities. Moreover, the University of Jordan in Aqaba signed many agreements with American and European universities to offer graduate studies scholarships to our outstanding students so that they obtain higher education degrees from prestigious universities. 

The University of Jordan in Aqaba continuously strives to implement comprehensive quality assurance standards and spread its culture in various educational and administrative aspects, thus strengthening its position as an important partner with other universities, higher education scientific institutions and various research centers locally, regionally, and internationally.  In addition, the university and its advanced research centers are committed to providing the local community with creative and highly qualified cadres who play an important role in the economic and social development of the country. The University of Jordan in Aqaba acts as an integral partner with other universities with the aim of achieving continuous development and modernization of higher education in our country. 

The unique mission of the University of Jordan in Aqaba is emanated from a royal vision that was and still seeks to invest in the human resources in the Jordanian society. Thus, the university's mission is to equip the Jordanian youth with knowledge and academic competence and enable them to keep up with the world's rapid scientific and economic growth. This will reflect positively on their lives and will enhance their roles in the advancement and development of the country.

At the end of my speech, let me wish our university more success and progress.  

Sons and daughters,  

I wish you all continued success and the best of luck in achieving the university's mission and in the dissemination of such mission even after your graduation by conveying the academic, ethical, and scientific values you learned at university to other people. I hope that you all become effective and productive members in the development of our beloved nation. 




Welcome from the President