Center for Strategic Studies


The Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) was established in 1984 to carry out studies and research in the fields of regional conflicts, international relations and security. 


The aims of the Center for Strategic Studies are to hold studies in political, military, economic and social aspects of issues that interest Jordan and the Arab world, which are connected to the security of the region and affect its future, in addition to holding opinion polls with the goal of providing researchers and policy makers with the necessary facts and data, and organizing events and activities like seminars and conferences.


 Center Director: Dr. Musa Shteiwi


 The CSS includes the following departments:


- Studies and Policies.

- Public Opinion Polling and Surveys.  

- Services and Relations.


The CSS is an active member in several Euro-Mediterranean networks, which includes a range of institutes and centers at 27 countries. The CSS is a member of the Arab Reform Initiative.


The CSS hosts a number of graduate students from international academic institutions, providing them with academic facilities (resources), while they conduct their research on local and regional issues.


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Center for Strategic Studies