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The University of Jordan in Aqaba


His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein laid the foundation stone of the University of Jordan in Aqaba in April 2009. The University was founded in response to His Majesty’s royal directives and insightful vision to bring about economic growth in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone through efforts based on long-term planning for development and to provide residents of the city of Aqaba and the entire Southern region with high quality education. This project would enhance the significant role played by the University of Jordan in the rapid development of the city of Aqaba, taking into account the strategic location of this coastal city as a regional and international link and an appropriate investment venue for mega projects. The aim of establishing a branch of the University of Jordan in Aqaba was in compliance with the university’s strategic plan to extend its educational services to various governorates in the country and abroad with the purpose of offering high quality education to individuals and the local community institutions. The University of Jordan in Aqaba was founded in 2009 with only five schools as an initial stage, in addition to having a future plan to establish a School of Medicine partnering with a teaching hospital to support development in Aqaba, attract foreign students from abroad, and provide the entire region with highly qualified cadres.


The university’s mission is providing the local community with science and expertise to achieve social mobility and developmental progress in Aqaba, supporting the economic growth in Jordan in general and in the Southern region in particular, and providing Aqaba governorate with highly qualified and trained personnel capable of making an efficient contribution to its development and construction, and the improvement of its facilities, which will reflect positively on the national economy.


1.     Becoming a pioneering Jordanian university and a center of education excellence in the city of Aqaba overlooking the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba by complying with national and international quality assurance and accreditation standards to ensure providing students with high quality education.

2.   Making a significant contribution to enable the Aqaba region to become a tourism and investment attraction and a focus of civilization through providing students and the local community with science, expertise, and high-quality education and playing a vital role in the regions’ development and boosting its economic growth.

3.   Reinforcing the major role played by the University of Jordan as a regional and international center of education excellence.

4.   Reducing the suffering of many students in Aqaba governorate seeking a high quality university education.

5.   Providing the Aqaba region with highly trained personnel capable of contributing effectively and efficiently to its development, improving its facilities, and thus have a positive influence on the national economy.​

About UJ