School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Jordan in Aqaba launches the Travel and Work program in cooperation with Desert Bloom and Phoenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies

As part of its effort to refine and develop students' competencies and skills through participation in cultural exchange programs, the School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Jordan, Aqaba, hosted a specialized team from Zaha Al-Sahra “Desert Bloom” Organization for Training and Sustainable Development and Phoenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies , with the aim of introducing university students to the Work and Travel program. It is held every year during the summer vacation in the United States of America. The two trainers, Dina Abu Hadba and Shaden Al-Hiyari, representatives of the organization, made a detailed presentation about the nature of the cultural exchange program, its advantages, membership requirements, and how to be active members in it. The wo trainers briefed students on the organization’s work and the importance of its program as an effective means for boosting students’ competencies and developing their various skills, especially those related to interpersonal communication, interacting with people from other cultures, building personality and self-reliance, in addition to improving their English language fluency. It is worth noting that this Work and Travel program is directed to university students from all over the world, as it gives them the opportunity to visit the United States of America and work there for a few months during the summer vacation.​