UJ Aqaba to Hold the First Academic Conference in Cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Amman

On behalf of the University of Jordan Aqaba President Professor Ghalib Abbasi, President’s Assistant Dr. Mua’ad Abu-Faraj in the presence of Dr.  Mufleh Hweitat, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Dr. Khalid Al-Anbar, the UJ Aqaba Liaison Officer at U.S. embassy met with Erin Williams, the Director of the Regional Office for English at the U. S. embassy in Amman and the accompanying delegation. The two parties discussed the various aspects of cooperation to support the university in the field of English language.

 Dr. Abu-Faraj stressed the importance of the meeting, noting that it will contribute to building bridges of cooperation with the Regional Office for the English Language at the U. S. embassy and maintain the collaboration between the two sides, which will reflect positively on UJ students. Dr. Abu-Faraj expressed thanks to the government of the United States of America represented by its embassy in Amman, stressing the depth of the Jordanian American relations laid by His Majesty King Abdullah II.

 Dr Abu-Faraj stated that the two sides discussed the venues of academic cooperation regarding the needs of the Faculty of Languages, the means of providing aids, and the renewal of the grant obtained by UJ Aqaba through inviting Dr. Jennifer Weaver, an American lecturer, to stay for the fourth year. Dr Abu-Faraj, President’s Assistant, valued the efforts of U.S. embassy and its role in supporting UJ, pointing to the possibility of holding a joint academic conference within the premises of UJ Aqaba, which will bring together UJ academics and the American academics affiliated by the U.S. embassy in the Middle East.  

 Williams noted that the visit aimed at expanding horizons of academic cooperation between the two sides, particularly the development of English language teaching. Williams pointed to the possibility of meeting the needs of the Faculty of Languages, which will contribute to enriching the academic scene.  


In turn, Dr. Al-Anbar, the UJ Aqaba Liaison Officer at U.S. embassy praised the U.S. embassy’s continued support to the Faculty of Languages through the renewal of the grant for the fourth year, which has contributed to providing the faculty with highly qualified instructors with expertise in language teaching.  Dr. Al-Anbar expressed keenness to strengthening cooperation between UJ Aqaba and the U. S. embassy in the field of language teaching.

 The meeting was attended by Dr. Ayman Abu-Shomar, Head of the Department of English and Literature, Dr Israa Al-Qallab, and Dr Iman Al-Habashneh, Assistant Director of English Language Programs at the U. S. embassy in Amman.