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This gym is used to practice many sports activities like (Basketball - Volleyball - Handball - Soccer of five players - Ground Tennis - Badminton – Closed Female Aerobic). The gym contains a runway (with seats) that can accommodate about 450 people, an electronic panel, and a platform for graduation.
Sports Activities ComplexSports Activities Complex
two courts with international specifications; one for males and another one for females.
Sports Activities ComplexSports Activities Complex
This stadium contains strips with a capacity of 6,000 people where the design followed the international standards in order to guest championship athletics and track and soccer and other activities. The playground is reserved about 6 times a day by schools. The stadium has a major VIP platform.
Sports Activities ComplexSports Activities Complex
To facilitate students' access to lecture halls, The University of Jordan allocated a group of buses (each with 22 passengers’ capacity) that are operating on two tracks (paths): The first one connects the School of Physical Science (Sport) in Arjan area with The University of Jordan main campus, where two busses were devoted to this path according to a flexible time table prepared by the School that suits students’ schedules. The second path connects the northern part of the main campus with its southern part; back and forth; this path passes through seven stations (School of Educational Sciences, School of Law – Accommodation (houses) of female students, Computer Center, the entrance to the School of Agriculture, Opposite to School of Engineering, School of Arts). Three busses were allocated for this track; they begin their work at 08:30 am and end at 3:00 pm, at the rate of one bus every 15 minutes.
Student Transportation Services of UJStudent Transportation Services of UJ
UJL, was established along with the establishment of the university in 1962. It occupies a total area of (12000 sq m) in addition to (4,000 sq m) occupied by (17) sub-locations (Reading Rooms) distributed throughout the university campus (at the faculties and scientific centers) . UJL consists of three departments comprising nine divisions in total. It opens (90 hrs)1 a week and offers its services to faculty members, staff members, UJ students, researches and scholars from outside the university, as well as individuals and institutions in the Arab and the foreign world at large. The average number of library users is 11,000 users per day. The library has diverse collections of print, electronic resources and databases subscriptions that exceed one million items to cover its faculty’s needs.
The Health Care Department provides several services to the students, including medical treatments, x-rays, laboratory tests and a pharmacy. Cases that require follow up are transferred to the Hospital of Jordan University. The department also has health awareness programs and holds medical committees and approves medical reports issues by other bodies. The department includes health and dental clinics, emergency department. It also contributes to spreading health awareness among students and participates in the universities’ social, sport and health activities within the university.
Students ClinicStudents Clinic
It constitutes a vital part that holds the responsibility of providing food and beverage services for university students, the academic and the administrative staff, and its guests in order to promote these distinctive and quality services for the various domestic sectors. By this; the university maintains a decent level in staying at the forefront of leading Jordanian society organizations. It is worth mentioning that the services offered by this department have been expanded and the department performance has been improved in terms of its provided quality of services provided. The department It includes the main restaurant, which offers meals (breakfast and lunch) with its multiple halls, as well as the breakfast during the Holy Month of Ramadan for the university students and home interiors (female students), and the receptions and honor parties held by the university for its guests and participants at various conferences, workshops, on campus seminars, and officials and non-officials visitors to the university officials and non-officials from both inside and outside Jordan. Also, available on campus, a number of cafeterias distributed among students gathering sites that offer sandwiches, snacks, confectionery, pizza, desserts, hot and cold drinks. The department helps students during concerts and special events. The public services to students prices have been reduced some of the fast rate to half a dinar and some types of sandwiches to only 150 fils; a direct support for student meal. The university presents an annual support for students’ food service and drink at the cost prices only, regardless of profit; and sometimes even less than the cost.
Food ServicesFood Services
The University accomplished Jarash & Amon dorm for foreign and Arab students as a comfortable place; it is a unique International Dormitory. Inside the dormitory, the university tries always to achieve stillness and comfort for its students, maintains a good environment with friendly relations between all the members.
Accommodation ServicesAccommodation Services