Center for Security Studies

Director: Dr. Ayman Khalil


The Center for Security Studies was established in 1995 with a mandate of pursuing specialized research, presenting accurate analysis and holding high-level training sessions on security, strategic and technical issues.



The Center for Security Studies strongly believes that security is not strictly a military issue but rather a comprehensive term which necessarily have to deal with water, environment, refugees, disarmament among other issues. The Center views security as a multidisciplinary issue that should involve the widest spectrum of individuals and benefit from the contribution of all sectors in society.



  Participants in military training sessions




At present, the Center’s mandate consists of three primary tracks, including:

1-      Regional security studies

2-      Disarmament studies with a focus on non-conventional disarmament

3-      Technical security analysis; including energy security, environmental security, radiological crimes, bio-security  and information security




Functions and Activities

The Center pursues wide ranging activities that could be categorized as follows:

1-      Research and Studies

this includes focusing on regional security issues in the Middle East in addition to viewing and comparing security models globally

2-      Training

provides training in more than 50 specialized titles for security, military and academic agencies

3-      Publications

includes periodical and non-periodical publications (e.g. the Security Bulletin, the Iran Monitor, State of the Resolution and others)

4-      Curriculum Development

more specifically on arms control and disarmament issues. Curriculums tales into consideration security, technical, legislative and environmental dimensions of non conventional weapons

5-      Producing Radio Documentaries

the Center is the producer of the radio documentary titled “Diplomatic and Security Terminologies”. The documentary is broadcasted by a number of radio channels

6-      The Amman Security Colloquium

is another important functional area of the Center. The event sets an exposure to the International scene and strives to get a balanced view from credible sources, thus facilitating the exchange of opinions between decision makers and academic circles



Recent international guests of the Amman Security Colloquium 



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Center for Security Studies