Jordan University Alumni Club

University of Jordan Alumni Club (UJAC) was established in 1970 by a group of enthusiastic graduates moved by their sense of gratitude and loyalty to their university and inspired by their keen wish to maintain and develop their ties with their Alma Mater (the University of Jordan) in the service of the society at large.

 H.R.H. Princess Alia Bint Al-Hussein is the Honorary President of the Club. Her Highness had donated a four dunum plot for the construction of new permanent premises for the Club. The temporary rented building (at the third circle), it presently occupies, inadequate to house recreational facilities or cultural events or social functions.

His majesty the Late King Hussein Bin Talal had donated JD 10000 towards the support of UJAC activities and the Hashemite support towards realizing the aims of the Club is unstinted. 

Being aware of the relevance of the responsibility it shoulders in interacting with local and regional communities and responding to their ever-changing needs and aspirations, UJAC considers itself as a scientific, cultural and social platform for the University graduates. It focuses on attracting fresh as well as old graduates without distinction of sex, religion or nationality. All graduates are alike, as long as, they hold a bachelor degree from the University of Jordan, no matter whether they are Jordanians or from other Arab or Foreign countries.


Despite the limited financial resources available to the Club, the UJAC has managed through its modest funds to carry out several activities.




UJAC aims at:

  • Fostering and enhancing contacts and goodwill between the University and its multi-national graduates.
  • Maintaining and reinforcing cooperation links with the University of Jordan in the best interest of society.
  • Co-operating with formal and non-formal institutions in Jordan or abroad in matters of common concern.
  • Maintaining and strengthening contacts with alumni abroad.
  • Spreading knowledge and enlightenment and raising public awareness towards issues of common interest.
  • Ensuring the continuity of already-established links between the alumni and the University after graduation and investing their human-oriented efforts n public welfare activities.
  • Consolidating and preserving the status and prestige of "UJ Graduate" not only in the Arab world but worldwide also; as UJ is the first and most renowned cultural monument in Jordan known for its quality university education.


UJAC Relationship with the University of Jordan


UJAC envisages itself as an integral part of the University establishment, its message is complementary to that of the University; therefore, it plays a pivotal role in liaising the graduates with their Alma mater and in reuniting them, whenever possible, in multi-faceted activities with a view of raising and increasing their sense of commitment and duty towards the University and society.


Since its inception, UJAC prides itself in keeping very close cooperation with the University administration, whose unlimited and continued moral and financial support throughout the years contributed enormously to the development of UJAC. Not only the University has been offering, since years, an annual financial contribution to the UJAC, it has also put the different facilities under the disposal of the UJAC, it has also put the different facilities under the disposal of the UJAC. It has been extremely generous with the Club as I t has hosted several fundraising activities (dinner parties as an example) for the benefit of the completion of the new permanent premises of the UJAC.


Financial resources


UJAC revenues could be summarized in four main types as follows:


  • Annual membership subscription.
  • Cash donations inclusive UJ annual subsidy.
  • Revenue generated from fundraising activities.
  • Any other resources approved by the general assembly.

The administrative committee


The administrative committee consists of nine members elected for one term (two years) by eligible members of the General Assembly. The election is conducted through a secret ballot. Only members, who have paid their subscriptions, have the right to vote.

During their first meeting, members of the committee would elect a President, Vice-President, secretary General, Treasures General and General Supervisor for activities from among its members.


The Committee assumes its responsibilities in managing the Club different affairs for two years only. It monitors controls the financial matters as well as it devises, supervises and implement a wide range of activities (Social, health and sport or recreational events etc…).



UJAC membership comprises some 3000 members, both males and females. Every UJ student, who has completed the undergraduate level, is entitled to the membership of the UJAC, as long as he is known for his good conduct, enjoys full civil rights. Annual membership and subscription fees total (JD 8).


A glimpse on the new permanent premises of UJAC


UJAC's new permanent building is located on top of hill in Sports City area over looking Queen Rania Al Abdullah Street, just about 200m after the Sports City Square, opposite to the ministry of Agriculture. Construction works have been completed since a while and preparations are already underway to furnish it. Unlike the old building, the premises- being spacious and modern- occupies approximately an area of 1200 square meter; I is intended to comprise the following facilities:


  • A library.
  • A multi-purpose room (for activities and meetings).
  • An internet Café.
  • A health club.
  • A multi-purpose playground for sports activities.
  • A television lounge.
  • Snooker and billiards lounge.
  • An outdoor games area for children.
  • A well equipped canteen.


Jordan University Alumni Club