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The University of Jordan was established in 1962, and since then it has been expanding its faculties and programs. The faculties are divided into three streams: scientific, humanities and medical. The University has Four scientific faculties: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, Nine humanities: the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty Business, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Physical Education, the Faculty of Arts and Design, the Faculty of International Studies, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and Five medical faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Whereas the University has Six institutes and centers: the International Institute for Teaching Arabic Language to Speakers of Other Languages, Institute for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World, Social Work Institute, Institute of Archaeology, Centre for Women's Studies and the Language Center.

The University has in total 78 undergraduate programs and 143 postgraduate programs (109 Master's and 34 Doctoral degrees).

The branch of the University of Jordan in Aqaba has five Faculties, divided between scientific and humanities, two scientific faculties: Faculty of Information Technology & Systems, Faculty of Marine Sciences, and three humanities: Faculty of Languages, management, Faculty of Administration and Finance , Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality.