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 Message from The Director

Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit works as the five senses for UJ, it seeks to be an effective communication tool between the university and local, regional and international communities, transfer UJ's culture and values ​​to the surrounding community, inform the community about the academic and non-academic activities in addition to organize various events hosted by the University such as conferences, seminars, committees and workshops in order to cover them professionally. 

The unit supervises on preparing and broadcasting programs on UJ's Radio Station which has a significant role in transferring UJ's mission to the community, linking creative people inside campus with creators abroad and exporting the significant science and culture throughout the world.


Also, the unit oversees UJ News Center Website which is considered as an important resource for news and activities inside the university. In addition, it is responsible for issuing a number of publications which develop culture and thought in addition to contribute to the rise and progress of knowledge, awareness as well as artistic and cultural creativity.

Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit seeks to receive new creative ideas and feedback about the performance of its employees so as don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions that you may have.